Football Scouting: Player, Team & Tactical

For a football club to keep their competitive edge, a decent football scouting system is of extreme importance. The members within the scouting system provide their technical staff with valuable key information about the players and tactics of direct opponents. But even more important, the members of the scouting team work around the clock finding young talented footballers, increasing the clubs’ knowledge of the local and international football market and target potential future investments.

Dedicated Network of Football Scouts

Working with this specific philosophy, Yousco Sports developed a comprehensive international network consisting of professional football scouts, whom in the past also have been active as either football manager, field coach or chief scout. This scouting network provides our partner football clubs with scouting services, which always contains a professionally presented report, compiled by a member of the experienced team of trained scouts.

Our liaisons are trusted professionals who provide us and our clients with in-depth analysis about the club(s) or player(s) that the client have requested to receive a report about. With scouts based all around the world, Yousco Sports can gain local information on players or have someone watched, with an eye to our clients who can opt to send one of their own staff out to assess in the future.

Single Player Discovery

In cooperation with our trusted network of professional football scouts we offer our clients a dedicated player scouting service. This service allows football clubs to gather in-depth intelligence about a particular player, equaling a profile about the player with background information, a complete break-down of the players abilities, players’ strengths and weaknesses and supported by statistical infographs.

Regional Player Scouting

Whereas many country’s adopted their own philosophy on football, some clubs might seek players from a specific part of the world due to their nature or philosophy on playing football. Here at Yousco Sports already have several years experience in facilitating regional scouting projects for our clientele, during and after which the client will be presented with a list of potential investments, accompanied by a comprehensive report.