Our Organisation: A little bit about ourselves

Yousco Sports B.V. is a Dutch management and consultancy firm that focuses on athlete management, endorsement, representation, sports personality appearances and sports publishing.  A brief overview about us and our services can be found below.

‘Our credo: We love what we do’

From the direct involvement and our big love for the game, Yousco Sports was founded several years ago to represent clients as good as possible, based on our love and passion for the sport. Our expertise about the football market allows our client to fully benefit from all opportunities they may come across on their path to become successful.

‘Future oriented and personal tailored sports management’

Yousco Sports is looking to increasing a client’s awareness of brand equity, and earning potential in the sports marketplace, with a personal development plan based on clear reference points, Key Performance Indicators.

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‘Our valuable partnerships make you stronger’

By strengthening, maintaining and utilizing our partnerships with (young) sports professionals we provide our clients with all the required services to meet the requirements that are set in their customized personal development plan.

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‘Investments and their return are key for football clubs’

In an industry like the world of football, where supply and demand strongly dictate the prices for footballers who are traded off as commodities, it’s not uncommon football club to seek external advice. Too fuel the desire for continued growth, Yousco Sports developed an advanced and unique model to link clubs and players in the most targeted and effective way possible.

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