Consultancy & Brokerage

In an industry like the world of football, where supply and demand strongly dictate the prices for footballers who are traded off as commodities, it’s not uncommon football club to seek external advice. Yousco Sports developed an advanced business model to identify key investments, based on the direct requirement from screening the football organization.


‘Linking Players and Clubs’

Our model allows us to link the right clubs with the right players, based tactical, technical and social data. By using our sophisticated model and utilizing our extensive international network, we have provided the football organizations who partnered up, with a strong tool which allows them to make the correct choices when targeting new and protecting their current investments on the football market.

‘Right mix at the club, compete for the cup’

A return on investment is often seen as the profit the club made from buying cheap players and selling them for huge amounts of money. However generating a positive image and increasing the publicity of the club by seriously competing for cups and trophies should also be a firmly targeted return. Investing in creating a competitive group of athletes who can compete for prizes and increase their own value is an important key to success.

‘Scouting the globe for athletic investments’

Using our model for football organizations in combination with our comprehensive scouting network and our knowledge of the market, Yousco Sports provides in-depth information when consulting football organization on possible future investments. The analysis will allow the football organization to review a range of investments, with commentary by sports professionals from our network. Read more about our scouting service.

 ‘Taking a next step in youth development’

Having always worked and learned in a sports-minded country where youth development has always played a key role, Yousco Sports has the expertise in managing and restructuring a football academy to raise the bar in development of talented youth players. Screening of requirements is being performed by our experienced football professionals, who will advise on immediate and future growth potential including the points of attention.

‘Increasing the Return on Investment’

Deploying our uniquely developed model and supported by our international network of football professionals, will allow a football organization to pick the right players and coaches for the right amount, which generally increases the Return on Investment for those organizations mainly by decreasing expenditure. This increase in Return on Investment will allow the same organization to start building and maintaining a solid foundation for future (youth) development and continued growth.