Athlete Management: Future Oriented & Tailor Made Solutions

At Yousco Sports, we know every client is unique and has an individual journey to the big leagues. It is our responsibility, and goal, to maximize every opportunity along each client’s journey. Our experience, imagination, knowledge, capability, and relationships allow Yousco Sports to provide superior football representation services.

‘Trust is key in every partnership’

We pride ourselves on working closely with our athletes to provide them with a tailored solution for all their professional needs as well as assisting them to utilize our partnerships to ensure they are secure in their long term financial planning. The partnerships with Yousco Sports-clients are based on the three keywords: Honesty, Integrity and Openness.

‘Personal growth defines a successful career’

We work closely with the leading organizations to foster a reliable service and athlete representation model and combining these with the sports professionals within our own network. This generates a unique personal development plan for Yousco Sports-clients, with a strong orientation towards to the sporting and social future of the athlete.

‘Bright future is based solid wealth management’

Yousco Sports is looking to increasing a client’s awareness of brand equity, and earning potential in the sports marketplace, with a personal development plan based on clear reference point, named Key Performance Indicators. By setting and guarding these Key Performance Indicators in cooperation with the sports club our athlete represents, we aim for the best possible sportive solutions to our athlete’s development.

‘Some of our other services’

The complete management package for our clients does not only consist of the above mentioned services. There is a wide range of services that we provide for our clients, in cooperation with the (young) sports professionals in our network. A list of these additional services are listed as follows:

* Draft advisement and preparation
* Contract negotiations
* Personal brand establishment, management, and protection
* Marketing and endorsement deals
* Corporate partnerships
* Media relations
* Preparation and strategy
* Social media management and support
* Stage and screen opportunities
* Community and foundation relations
* Access to nutritionist, trainer, and workout facility
* Legal advice
* Relocation and transition assistance