Africa Services: Discover the African market

Africa is home to numerous great football talents, there is however the perception that acquiring African talents can be an enduring practice. Having developed a strong foothold in Africa by working with trusted partners on the ground and developing a proprietary African player database, Yousco Sports B.V. is able to provide partners and clients with unmatched services towards the African market. Barka da zuwa Afirka, Welcome to Africa!

Player Scouting and Discovery (PSD)

The Yousco Sports football scouting database covers the entire African continent, allowing us to provide our partners and clients with the latest up-to-date information on talented footballers across Africa. Besides our database, Yousco Sports’ Africa Desk can also support partners and clients by utilizing our inhouse expertise, help developing a strategic plan for any type of discovery operation in the African market, whilst our partners on the ground help arrange, and provide logistical support for discovery and scouting operations by our clients to numerous African countries.

Single Player Procurement (SPP)

From our experience of working with a wide range of clubs in Europe, the Middle-East and North America, Yousco Sports learned that many clients are trying to avoid operating directly in the African market for various reasons. With our extensive network on the ground, Yousco Sports can facilitate any type of transfer involving an African player to clubs based outside Africa. Cross connection with many African clubs allow us to act as hub, connect all parties involved, ensuring smooth operation and transition.

Week-by-Week Analysis (WWA)

Obtaining information from different sources, combining these through our proprietary algorithm and processing this in real-time within our inhouse system, allows Yousco Sports to provide partners and clients with comprehensive week-by-week analysis from the African market. Details on specific team/player performances, result updates, background information and the latest feedback on talent progress are all available in our unique reports. A full digital footprint on players can be generated as well. This service can be tailored to meet the wishes and requirements of our clients.

Player Due Diligence (PDD)

Too often Yousco Sports noticed clubs bringing in new African players as they have been looking to strengthen their squad, but the match between player and club not working out as expected for various reasons. With our Player Due Diligence service clubs will never be surprised again by unexpected behaviour, performance or backlashes from their new recruits. Yousco Sports’ PDD-reports are detailing every single occurrence in the players’ past, so that clubs have an in-depth knowledge as to what person they are recruiting for their organisation.

Club Partnership Project (CPP)

Yousco Sports’ exclusive CPP-service aims to create a strong foothold for clients in a specific African market, establishing long lasting partnerships between our clients and African clubs. Partnerships can be initiated based on the wishes of our clients. For more information about this service please contact our service desk.