Africa: More continental football, good for both clubs and talents

Not long ago we wrote about the changes that CAF will amend to its format for continental competitions for nations, mainly the African Cup of Nations and how it could impact transfer streams between Africa and Europe. Today we will take the time to explain the other changes in the continental club competitions and why those could benefit Europe as well.

By expanding the group stages for both the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup, from eight to sixteen participants and planning a second expansion to thirty-two teams, will allow young players to make minutes for their clubs at the elite club level of African club football. Learning from playing international opponents, African clubs will see a positive development in the overall skillset of their youngsters which would not have been able without the ability to be active on an elite level.

Besides the chance at more playing time on a higher level for their talented players, club will also benefit from the financial gains in playing group stage football in one of both competitions. Getting eliminated at the various group stages could earn the club between $150,000 USD and $500,000 USD. If invested wisely, that extra income can provide for better youth education within the club, developing even better youth products whom in turn will provide additional income in the long run.

Our aim is to keep helping our African clients with long term strategies towards their investments, allowing them to fully benefit from their potential growth both on and off the pitch. Visit our African club consultancy pages for information about our services in Africa.

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