Africa Blog: Change is there, will it affect European football?

After the little surprising election of CAF-president Ahmad Ahmad, the lead figure in a major revolt against his predecessor Issa Hayatou, a slow but steady revolution in African football was expected by pundits and experts surrounding football on the continent. A few months later we see that the new boss of African football is not shying away from any type of reform. The Malagasy-born Ahmad and his newly elected administrators stunned everybody last week during the CAF Symposium, announcing several changes in current format of their continental competitions for both clubs and nations.

The biggest and unprecedented change with a positive impact our clients is that the senior African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament will no longer be played during the winter months. The major continental tournaments for African nations have always been regarded as somewhat of an annoyance by the majority of European football clubs, as they are being played during the winter months, whereas most major leagues on a global scale are only halfway through. That will no longer be the case, starting from 2019 or 2021, dependent the outcome of several objections raised.

The majority of the clubs within the global major leagues are paying top dollar for the services of their African players, yet the biannual AFCON-tournament renders their employees absent during these often very important months. The much-heard complaint from participants in those leagues could now be eliminated once the format changes have been amended. A passant the CAF also decided to expand the tournament from sixteen to twenty-four nations, also starting 2019 or 2021, exposing the participants to more opposition and generating extra income for African football.

The changes will not only benefit existing clients, clubs active in Africa and current African players involved. As for Yousco Sports, we expect that once the reforms have been amended Africa will attract new parties in search for the unpolished football diamonds on the long run, nudging clubs and their administrators to take time exploring possibilities in Africa. With our inhouse experience and wide-ranging services on the African market Yousco Sports can support any African endeavour.

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